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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Home, sweet Belarus?
By Avi Rockoff
Accusations that Alexander Vindman harbors Ukrainian loyalties are preposterous and terrifying. I should know
My dead aunt’s Holocaust legacy
The precious items that once belonged to those who perished should never make it to the auction block
A dangerous vision of the IDF as the Army of the Lord
A booklet on modesty penned by rabbis counsels behavior that humiliates women soldiers. It also cloaks the authors’ true motives
The rabbi’s son who became a swami
Swami Vijayananda, once named Abraham, declined a ’lech lecha’ call to the Land of Israel, and instead set out to find his inner world
The Rabin assassination changed my life
By Sivan Rahav Meir
To us secular kids in Herzliya, religious, right-wing fanatics had murdered our prime minister – and I couldn’t bear for that to be all I knew of Judaism
The revival of the dead: An aliyah story
Moving to Israel had not exactly been rational; an inner voice suddenly told me, Come to Israel (so I did)
In my mother tongue
My aliyah has always meant that I’m ’living the dream’ – but raising children has brought new encounters in Hebrew that sometimes leave me longing for English
Fake immigrant profiles uncovered!
The olim you never met on your aliyah flight, happy to be settling down in the Jewish homeland
The time we all got bombed at Friday night dinner
After 10 minutes in the shelter, we were able to sit around the table and pretend that things were normal. Until a second barrage of rockets, anyway
Barneys was a fashion tastemaker – but its success came with a dark cost
By Michelle Honig
The iconic Jewish-owned New York apparel retailer had a sordid history that included racism, mismanagement and waste
more Choice voices
Ruth Tepler Roth
When children talk of self-harm
Educators have important opportunities to help their students, simply by virtue of the sheer number of hours that kids spend at school
Naomi Chazan
So, you think the US-Israel bond is unbreakable?
When supporting Israel contradicts core American values of equality, justice, tolerance, and liberty, the traditional US automatic financial backing can’t last
Shai Held
Don’t call it a lynching
It’s a term for the unspeakably brutal murder of innocents, not impeachment proceedings or Senate confirmation hearings
David A. Sherman
Israel can sanely move towards 2-states. Here’s how
Amidst justified fears over an immediate withdrawal from the West Bank, the government can start to clarify future borders
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