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Monday, January 20, 2020
Lithuania wants to erase its Holocaust role. That’s deplorable
Proposed legislation would whitewash the extent to which Lithuanians helped Nazis murder 90% of their country’s 220,000 Jews
Realism means preparing for war. And peace
By Yossi Klein Halevi
The left must recognize the Iranian threat, the right must forgo delusions of peace without concessions — for Israel, both are matters of survival
Israel knows what to do about flooding. It’s not doing it.
Government must focus on building resilience for climate change, and it can start by implementing a report it adopted in 2018
My normal family
Rafi Peretz’s latest comments remind me how painfully I struggled for so many years — and how much better things are now
A rescue plan for Israel’s wasted votes
Parties fear they won’t pass the electoral threshold, voters worry their votes won’t count — the solution lies in vote sharing arrangements
It boils down to Netanyahu’s conspiracy theories
Given the dark insinuations in the PM’s request for Knesset immunity, a vote in his favor would be a vote of no-confidence in the rule of law
I was 6 when an Israeli bus driver drove me all the way home
The day I fabricated my best excuse for being late to school forever influenced my sense of adventure — and family
Sunshine therapy, here we come
By Susannah Schild
You don’t have to travel far to find invigorating woodland walks among Israel’s well-marked hiking trails
No Kitniot. No Women. No Gebrokts.
It’s the pre-Passover season of gender discrimination advertising, starring esteemed men: brilliant scholars, dynamic speakers, magicians, musicians, and chefs
more Choice voices
Leehee Goldenberg
The faster we get rid of gas the better
If natural gas were reserved as a decent back-up to 333 days/year of massive solar production, I just might have hope for the future
Alan Baker
Hold your tweets: Politicizing the Soleimani killing
Social media pronouncements like those from the UN’s Agnes Callamard show a stunning lack of integrity and impartiality
Yossi Kuperwasser
Who cares about the Iranian people? 
Where’s the outcry over the ongoing slaughter of innocent people fighting for free and democratic elections in their countries?
Shira Silkoff
We need to talk about Rafi Peretz
The education minister’s comments endanger LGBT+ children and reflect a rise in homophobic discourse in the public square
Josh Lipowsky
Time for Germany to outlaw all of Hezbollah
When the leaders of a terrorist organization tell you they don’t distinguish between their military wing and their political one, believe them
Stuart Hershkowitz
Why Israel needs to keep investing in haredi education
Gloomy overall employment statistics obscure models such as ours, where 89% of our our ultra-Orthodox students get jobs
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